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  Swede Savage - Index of Information Included on This Site
If you arrived here through or, you have been directed to the right place. Those domain names are registered by us, but are not currently hosted. So for now, we invite you to enjoy these memories below!

Swede Savage -- one of the greatest influences of my own life. My experience with Swede Savage has led me through great heartache ... to entirely immeasurable joy.

Most of the pictures and articles referenced here are those that I have been collecting over the years. These articles and photos are from my personal collection: some were given to me by friends (Hi, Bill!), some from books and magazines, and some were found in my countless hours spent surfing the web for Swede Savage (and I thank and honor those who cared enough about Swede to help keep his memory alive).

Sometime in the future, as further tribute, I will be launching the and/or websites (both domain names have been reserved for this).

Before you leave, however ... be sure to view the more than 100 pictures and articles I have referenced below. Clicking on each image will take you to the page about the referenced article and/or picture. If you'd care to see a larger image, please email me requesting that I send one to you.

I can be reached via email at

I also recommend that you visit another site dedicated to Swede and his memory! (Thanks for your efforts, Scott!)
More of Swede

Auto Racing Magazine
March 1971
Corvette News
August - September 1972

True Magazine
June 1973
Sports Illustrated
June 11, 1973
Evel Knievel
Stunt Show of Stars
Racing to Indy
Indianapolis Star
Indy 500 Pole
News Clipping
May 13, 1973
Indianapolis Star
News Clipping
July 3, 1973
50+ Color Photos
50+ B&W Photos
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