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Snickers! Wanna Play?
Snickers impressing the
"older" (and MUCH bigger) man!
Snickers at about
three months in 1988
Snickers enjoying some
Alpo Birthday Cake!!

Snickers, an 17-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, is one of the sweetest and most lovable -- yet incredibly fiesty -- pups that you would ever hope to meet! Her heart is full of ample doses of both sugar and vinegar!!

Snickers joined our family in 1988. A sweet, rolly-poly pup, yet, Pooka took a bit to warm up to her! You can see the pictures of the little teeny tiny girl that she was (and hey, she's only about seven pounds now!). She was barely two pounds when she joined our family.

I have to admit that now, at the age of 17, she STILL is quite the puppy and is holding her age incredibly well.

She LOVES to play with her brothers, Checkers, Scootie, and Chilli, and to this day, she bounces higher than Tigger, himself, could ever hope for!!!

It appears that she was posing for a "Sports Illustrated" layout ... on her beach towel! So ... confident ! ! ! !When Snickers was a mere 3-1/2 months old, she came with us to a "one year" (yes, it's true) family reunion for POOKA! Well, Snickers, being the flirty girl she is, found the most eligible bachelor there and promptly "made friends." The size difference did NOT matter to her, being the brave little girl that she is!

She is such a little love-bug, no pup could ever refuse her!When "Snicks" was a year old, we celebrated with ... (what else in this household?) ... CAKE!!!Yes, it's true. Sam made Alpo Cake (hey, Three Dog Bakery wasn't "invented" yet!)!

Suffice it to say that Sam and Joe (as brave and puppy-oriented as they are!) DID NOT join in the joy of cake eating!!!!

Snickers really is such a wonderful, sweet little pup. I don't know if (other than Scootie!) any pup in the world could EVER "out-kiss" her! (Sorry, but Scootie has the market completely cornered on that one, but Snickers is close behind).Snicks is an older girl now, but the truth is, you'd never know it.

She's a fun-loving pup, who so much enjoys frolicking with her (much) younger brothers.

One of her favorite things to do is to disappear, hiding waythings to do is to disappear, hiding way inside either her blankets or her "igloo!", which was originally "made" for cats (euuuw, catz!!) ... but it doesn't matter ... Snicks loves it beyond words!!!

Scootie calls Snickers his "Pincess"

By the way, "Pincess" (in Scootie-speak) ... means "Princess!"     

Snicks in her favorite place
(drumroll please!):

Baby girl after returning from a scary visit to the vet for a life-threatening emergency ... after she'd only been with us for two weeks.

Peek-a-Boo! I see you!

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