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  Scootie! (Patootie, Binky, Bilbo, Baggins, Boogey Board, Beach Ball ...)

Scootie's a BIG BOY now!
Have you EVER seen so much HAIR?
Of course, this was

Checkers had been asking and asking for a Scootie. He has two older sisters, and, well ... they just weren't up to his constant need and want to P-L-A-Y.

Did I mention PLAY?

So, we went and did a TON of research (the Internet, remarkable tool), and found the REAL and VERY UNBELIEVABLY SPECIAL ... SCOOTIE!

In October 2000, we flew to Louisiana and adopted 19-ounce Scootie from a wonderful breeder: Janet Bordelon at Velvet Touch Kennel. Janet knows her Poms. We have been VERY fortunate to have Scootie in our lives -- and he's been here long enough that we have had a SECOND birthday: July 14, 2002!

Scootie is now about 7-1/4 pounds -- from his original 19 ounces; what a BIG boy!!!

The pictures below are from his First Birthday Party. If you want to see larger versions of the pictures, just click on the thumbnail version -- Scootie, Checkers, and his sisters Pooka and Snickers will pop right out at you. You'll see Scootie and his buds celebrating with Peanut Butter CAKE!

The cake was purchased and delivered from the kids' favorite place:

Cakes, treats, and gifts made especially for dogs. The cake was even decorated with:

"Scootie's 1

Be sure to view the Birthday Party Pictures!! Click on the paw!

Scootie -- being the remarkably sharing and caring boy that he is -- has been sharing his cake (hey, it makes friends, he's learned!)

Joe took some to work and for Blossom's Mommy and Jalen's Grandmommy.

Joe has also given some to Schatze's Mom; Schatze is now one of Scootie's hang-around with, shoot-some-hoops-with "buds." (Schatze is taller than Scootie, so maybe he can give Scootie a lift which might provide him with a better chance of actually MAKING a basket ...!)

Sam took some to work for Bailey's Dad to give to her. Yum yum!!

Note of Interest to All Pups Who Are Harboring a Hankering for some Cake:
Joe is obviously WAY better at
cake-distribution than Sam.
You'd be wise to sloppy-kiss-up to Joe.   

Scootie is hoping that he might be able to get a girlfriend outta the deal. After all, he's a BIG BOY now.

Woo-eeeee, girls!  Fight over the puffy, fluffy, squishy, incredibly kissy, cuddly boy!

U P D A T E !!
Wooee! Scootie got a girlfriend!
He is VERY pleased to have caught the attention of this beautiful girl!
We told him he could impress the chicks with food.
Thanks for sharing the picture, Jalen!

Scootie is so happy to show
you a picture of
his new friend, Bailey!!
Bailey is GORGEOUS --
and such a sweet pup!
Bailey lives with two of
Sam's Great Friends:
Michael and Gary!
Thanks for sharing the picture, Bailey!


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