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  Sam n Joe: Our Families!
Sam and Joe!!!
Sam on the Left; Joe on the Right
Mom, Gramma, and Sam ... kinda peeking around the corner ...   ;-)
Sam's Mom (left); Gramma (center); and ... yup ... that's Sam hanging out in the back there ...
Lt.Col. Richard G. Shepherd, USArmy
Sam's Dad --
Is he good looking,
or what?
(G00D JOB, MOM!)

Ahhhhh. The elusive, reclusive, highly prized and sought-after SAM n JOE!!

Our Family!
(As couples, Left to Right)
Joe's Dad and Mom; Uncle Bob and Aunt Marti; Uncle Jim and Aunt Pat; Sam's Dad and Mom

Hard to catch -- never tamed! Well, a SAM n JOE can best be described as ... us! We are cousins first, but best friends who take care of each other -- above all else.

When we were little (like in the picture to your right), our Gramma said to us "Now, you two girls take care of each other ... you don't have sisters!" We took her advice to heart (direct instructions were not to be disobeyed!), and have done so since we were toddlers! We've never, ever forgotten ... either the advice or Gramma.

Sam's parents have lived in Florida since 1982 (great vacation spot, especially for when we go to the Daytona 500!). In 2004, Joe's parents moved from the house where they lived for 39 years. have just about always lived in the same house in Virginia. Close enough so we can visit 'em and they can see their beloved grand-doggies!

The "Granddoggies" LOVE it when we visit "Lady" and "The Man" (aka, Sam's parents!). Lady babysits while Sam and Joe go to "THE RACE" (the Daytona 500). They spend the day sitting in Lady's lap, watching the race on TV. Of course they doze throughout, but if they see Sam n Joe on the TV (uh huh), they get quite excited!

That's quite a site, by the way: four pups in Lady's lap! They have begun to realize that Sam and Joe DO return from the race, and they have begun to really look forward to the time that they get to spend in Florida. Lady even recently got a brand new recliner so that she can fit all the pups in there with her!

Nanny and Grandaddy!! Wow -- the kids can each remember the exact moment when they met their Nanny and Grandaddy (aka, Joe's parents). The time that Nanny and Grandaddy get to spend with her Granddoggies is something that is treasured by the pups and the grandparents! They love it when Nanny puts a pillow on her lap -- and they promptly jockey for the best sitting position. Who gets Nanny! If it isn't Scootie, well, then he throws a little hissy-fit and makes Nanny feel guilty. They also lost running around and chasing each other. (Unless something startles them, and then they run for Sam-the-Protector.) Both Sam and Joe feel VERY fortunate to have such wonderful parents.

Sam's Dad was in the Army, so Sam lived in a lot of fun and beautiful places: Virginia, Washington State (ahhhh, Mount Rainier!), and Indianapolis (vroom! vroom!). So, it of course came to follow that Sam would develop an interest in auto racing; and ultimately infect Joe with it. Sam's Dad spent 23 years in the Army Corps of Engineers.

Above is a more recent picture of Sam's parents, Joe's parents and some (but not all!) of our very favorite relatives.

We hope to update with more pictures to share with family and friends, so stop by whenever you get a chance!

-- Sam n Joe!

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