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  Checkers the Wonder Pup

Checkers the Wonder Pup


Checkers and His "Lady"
Checkers and His Lady

September 3, 2008

It's been three years of time's passage, and that time was measured by me going on through life without my Checkers, my Baby Boy.

Three years later, and the pain is no less. The ability to control the tears is definitely more solid, but I can't really say it is any easier. I miss him more now than ever ... and it does not lessen with the passage of time. I humbly recall the days when I could hold him with my hands, and not just with my heart and memories. If you have a loved one - furry or otherwise - be sure to cherish every days, every moment, because time's passage - and the pleasures and cruelties that are dealt by the passage of time - are very real and beyond control. Show your love, share your love and cherish your love. When there's a bond, whether between humans or between you and your beloved furry friend, it's real.

He was my "Baby Boy" for seven years, and three years after his death ... he's still my baby boy.

You know, at this point, I just don't have the heart to remove the text -- or Checkers fun life references -- from this site. Taking everything and turning it into "past tense" would prove more than my heart can currently stand.

Trust me -- this short version is exactly that: the short version.

About Checkers. He was my baby, my love, my wonder pup ... my soul mate.

His seventh birthday was on August 31, 2005. On September 2, 2005, we had a birthday cake and celebration with all the pups. Six hours later, were at the emergency vet; twelve hours later he was gone.  It was such a shock and so very horrible.

I'll readily admit that his loss shook me to the utter core of my soul.  I'd never known despair that deep.  For days I could see no way out and could find no light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  While I do still cry daily over him, I am at least a bit more able to get my hands around it.  It's phenomenally difficult for me.

All of the veterinary "experts" believe that it was either congestive heart failure or aspiration pneumonia. We were in the room and watching when they were trying to resuscitate his little 4-pound body (for the 2nd/3rd time) after respiratory and heart failure.

My beloved baby, my Checkers just stared at me with huge eyes, while a tube was down his throat and they were working on his heart.  Since he'd gone into cardiac and respiratory arrest a couple of times ... I finally told them to stop.  I didn't want him to suffer any more.

I went to him, I hugged him, and I told him he could go it he needed to ... and he died.

How horrible hard and heart-wrenching is that?  (Here come those tears again.)

So, forgive me if I can't quite yet face the reality of having him yet be truly gone. The tears come quick and easy and I talk with him constantly. We feel he has visited us a few times, and I do feel him close to my heart. I'll see him again some day, when I meet him at the Rainbow Bridge.

My name is Checkers! Yes, that's right ... ch

Checkers! As in Black and White "Checkered Flag." Uh huh, yup, you betcha, my Sam and Joe are race fans -- but you probably figured that out by now.

I am a four-pound Pomeranian and I am the royal Prince of the family, as you can probably tell. I'm quite famous -- I get around (so they say).    ch

The end of August 2005 marked my SEVENTH birthday!!! So far, I have had quite a fun, eventful and adventurous life. I've been lots of places and I've made great friends with bunches of people and pups! I love my family, my friends, my sisters ... oh yeah ... and my brothers, Scootie (even tho' he bugs me to pieces), Chilli, and Houdini.

I've been to Florida many times (I have to go and visit my "Lady"!) -- and I even got to go to the track during Speedweeks at the Daytona 500 in 2001.

My life with my Sam and Joe is great fun and is always enjoyable! We go lots of really cool places! I have a lot of beautiful girls calling me; sigh, I'm very popular with the females!!!

At times, life can get a bit taxing. So much to do, so little time. So, little time to REST!!!!

Sometimes, even when you are posing for your royal pictures, you just need to take a nap. You can feel it creeping up on you. Grabbing ahold of you. The feeling overtakes you, and there's nothing you can do.

So you yawn and stretch ... and try to put on a good show, but hey, there are times that you simply can't control it any more.

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